$100k Profit Selling Jewelry on Etsy

LeiLei Secor is a second-year at U.Va. who has made over $100K in profit from her personal jewelry business, Designed by Lei.

At first glance, LeiLei Secor is like any other second-year at the University of Virginia. But behind the scenes, she’s a jewelry entrepreneur who has grossed over $100,000 profit in just three years through her Etsy store, Designed By Lei. In our interview with LeiLei, she revealed the stresses of being a student-entrepreneur and walked us through how she creates her most popular pieces by hand. LeiLei’s persistent determination and humility make her a pioneer on Grounds – and neither she nor her lucrative business are stopping anytime soon.

Check out LeiLei’s site at http://www.designedbylei.com/.

Speakers: LeiLei Secor
Producers: Nate Wolf, Alex D’Elia, Brian Mitchell
Music: “Sleepless” by Flume


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Check out LeiLei's website.

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