Meet the Modern Farmer: Peter Traverse

Data tracking, predicting the weather, and planting sensors: Peter Traverse of Crozet, VA is not your mother’s farmer.

Peter Traverse is not your mother’s farmer – the humble Crozet man, half farmer and half scientist, uses sensors, data analysis, and weather prediction to care for the beautiful 550-acre Innisfree Village property.

By implementing tracking systems across his land, Peter aims to “let the land” teach him through collection and analysis of information. The result is a modern, sustainable, and majestic farm with landscapes that will blow your mind.

Speakers: Peter Traverse, Natalie Browning
Producers: Natalie Browning, Matthew Korbon, Nikki Nazareno
Music: “Unlucky Skin” by Shakey Graves & “Steal Tomorrow” by The Tallest Man on Earth

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