Craig Dubitsky: All Hello, All the Time

The Pioneer’s Natalie Browning sits down with Craig Dubitsky, Founder and CEO of Hello Products.

The Pioneer was lucky to have the opportunity to sit down with the vivacious Craig Dubitsky: Founder of Hello products and a true master of mouth care. Craig shared insight on his involvement in creating product lines which have a simple message, yet communicate emotion through uplifting colors, shapes, and textures.

Associate Producer Natalie Browning had a blast chatting, and laughing, with Craig, who gives out his number liberally to customers and encourages them to FaceTime him with questions, concerns, and – most importantly – bad jokes. He also carries with him a large black duffle bag full of mini toothpaste and the occasional breath spray, which he distributes in handfuls. Check out Hello Products and watch this video to get a first hand account of the genius personality behind it.

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