CavFact: Keeping UVA in Check

CavFact is a student-run fact-checking organization designed to hold UVA and other administrations accountable to the truth.

CavFact is a new Contracted Independent Organization (CIO) at the University of Virginia that is pushing for accountability and transparency on a University, regional, and national level. As a fact-checking publication, CavFact serves the public, holding a wide array of administrations and institutions accountable by verifying the truth and accuracy of their statements, actions, and assertions. In a world awash with op-eds and sound-bites, CavFact seeks objectivity on an unprecedented level, engaging its readership and serving the broader community through its analyses and reports.

Listen along to our first audio interview experience as we sit down with three of the founding members of CavFact, Aryn Frazier (CLAS ’17), Joshua Jaspers (CLAS ’18), and Grant Oken (CLAS ’19), to understand more about CavFact’s creation, mission, and purpose.


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